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Private lessons

I enjoy coaching all ages and abilities in a calm and supportive manner focusing on horse and rider balance, correct basics whilst using polework to add fun and variety to your training.


If you are an adult returning to riding and looking for help to get your confidence back, or if you have a young horse that is ready to start progressing in basic flatwork to get to that first show, or you just want to brush up on your flatwork skills for general pleasure riding I can help get you going and help you progress with confidence by incorporating groundwork, flatwork and pole exercises this includes young riders on or off the lead-rein.

poles plus group sessions

Poles Plus with VDS Equestrian makes flatwork fun using unique pole configurations and grids.

With many benefits for both horse and rider, Poles Plus sessions are: 


* Suitable for all abilities and disciplines 


* Perfect for young/green horses needing social outings in a relaxed safe environment (4max per group)


* A great way to meet new people and add variety to your training 


* Improves your horse's balance, suppleness, proprioception, core strength, top line, rhythm, flexibility and fitness


* Improves rider balance, precision and accuracy


I have over 20 years teaching experience and trained with the BHS in Scotland. I have been involved with equestrian sports for over 35 years as a rider, trainer, groom and have experience with a wide variety of horses and riders making Poles Plus lessons a great way to add versatility to your training.

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